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Week #4 - Meetings and getting around

24 of September

Early in the evening of Saturday 24th, Jana and Adriana showed Josephine the old city at Cartagena. She hadn’t had the opportunity to know how the Old City is. She enjoyed the flowered balconies, church’s architecture and peculiarities of Colombian handcrafts so much.

The same Saturday, Lina was lecturing at the 1st Research Symposium: the scientific practice in connection with the Colombian society. She presented the advances of the first 6 months of the project “Fishing for life”. Congratulations Lina!

27 of September

On Tuesday, Luz, Yanelci, Olivia and Alexandra held the weekly meeting with Gabriel. Interns contracts and salary status were updated. Also, Gabriel advised us to resume our work writing the community and personal projects.

Meanwhile, Laura, Jana and Adriana were traveling to the Oceanarium, at Rosario Islands. They have helped to scientific staff at CEINER in the process of coral replanting of Acropora cervicornis species at the islands.

28 of September

On Wednesday, Alex and Olivia had a meeting with the Pasacaballo, Barú and Boquilla women representatives (Amalfi Hernandez, Isabel Castillo, Ruby Arcila), researcher Lavinia Fiori and Luis Fernando was also supporting the meeting. They discussed the woman project of women and how to improve the cooperation between communities of the insular Cartagena.

27th September at night, Jana found two puppies inside the mangrove when she was walking from Orica (the town inside Grande island) to Palmar (host station of CEINER staff). One of them pursued Jana to Palmar, where it was welcomed and named ‘Patán’.

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