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The British Council funds the Pescando Para La Vida initiative through a Newton Fund Institutional Links grant. These grants provide funding to establish international collaborations between institutions in the UK and partner countries. Our project is a collaboration between various British and Colombian institutions (see the logos in the next section and the list of institutional coordinators).

The project focuses on coastal biodiversity, ecosystem services, and natural resource management. We are developing an evidence-based programme which incorporates training and management. The research will promote inclusive efforts and participation in order to develop solutions that can be incorporated into local practice. The training will promote the sustainable management of coastal resources for the economic wellbeing of vulnerable local communities.


Pescando Para la Vida is a large collaboration of various institutions and fishing communities, which depends on the efforts and enthusiasm of the members of participating communities. Additionally, the creation, development, and organisation of the initiative has been made possible through the collaboration between individuals from both British and Colombian institutions.

The project, supervised from Manchester Metropolitan University, depends on a subdirector in the United Kingdom and a subdirector in Colombia, who coordinate the events and projects with the many collaborators from both countries.

Prof Richard Preziosi

Director, Pescando Para La Vida

Director, Environmental Science Research Centre
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

My research is currently focused on the ecological genetic effects of species interactions at both the phenotypic and genomic levels. I actively seek to apply my research in genetics and ecology to evidence-based conservation.

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Dr Lina Barrios

UK Coordinator

Associated Researcher
Manchester Metropolitan University, Reino Unido

Benthic ecology of tropical and temperate marine environments, with a focused on conservation biology and ocean acidification.

Dr James M. Mair


Professor of marine biology, Centre for Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology
Heriot-Watt University, Reino Unido

Experience in tropical and temperate coastal benthic ecology and special interests in conservation and sustainable resource management of biogenic reefs.

Dr Sonia Rey Planellas


Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Aquaculture
University of Stirling, Reino Unido

Fish behaviour and welfare in aquaculture systems.

Dr Bryony Townhill


Marine Climate Change Scientist

Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas)

Impacts of climate change on the marine environment and communities, in particular the changes to marine species distributions.

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Dr Gabriel Navas

Colombia Coordinator

Lecturer of exact sciences
University of Cartagena, Colombia

Marine biology and ecology

Luis Fernando Sánchez Rubio

Fundación Planeta Azul

Lisandro Emilio Paredes Muñoz

Granja Lismar

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