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Week #1 - Improving local management of tropical coastal resources in the face of climate change for


In the middle of August 2016 Newton-Caldas Foundation Project “Improving local management of tropical coastal resources in the face of climate change for economic wellbeing of local and vulnerable communities” has initiated with the support of coordinators Dr. Lina Barrios, Prof. Richard Preziosi of University of Manchester, Dr. Gabriel Navas of Universidad de Cartagena and other Colombian and Uk institutes. This Project focuses on the coastal biodiversity, ecosystem services and resources management for sustainable development. It’s a research based programme that incorporates training and management and assists to communities of artisanal fishermen and aquaculturists inland around Canal del Dique and in the Afro-Colombian fishing communities around Cartagena Bay and surroundings. The project is also supported by the participation of 7 interns (4 Colombians and 3 internationals from Germany, Slovakia and the UK) who will be actively working on the socio-ecological surveys within the coastal ecosystem as well as the freshwater environments together with the local fishing communities.


Espacio de trabajo en Universidad de Cartagena

Acommodation of the interns in the provisional workspace at the University of Cartagena (Campus San Pablo) and in the Biology laboratory.

Reconocimiento del Campus de la Universidad de Cartagena (Sede San Pablo) (Biblioteca, Oficina de Bienestar Universitario).

Research projects

Interns working in personal research projects and advising representatives of communities in order to structure local projects.

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