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Week #23 - The week before the second workshop

This Saturday we had the second day of the meeting with representatives of the marine fishing communities at Cartagena University. We (Jana, Olivia, Yanelci and Alex) used the time and presence of the communities to advance the marine projects with the valuable community input. The meeting took place all morning and was finished off with a lovely lunch.

During our meeting on Tuesday we were busy with some last minute preparations for the upcoming workshop (starts Monday 13th). The Workshop will be in Santa Lucia, hosted by Emilio at his Finca, and will be with the Canal del Dique communities. Since the workshops are coming up very soon we are all super busy with last minute project amendments, finishing up talks and presentations, and the overall logistics.

And lastly, Luis Fernando and I (Alex) were invited to visit the community of Bocochica (located on the island of Tierra Bomba) to talk to the community representatives, and visit the mangroves. This research was done to advance the community project we are working on which deals with the potential to establish a blue carbon market within the Cartagena area. Luckily we also had enough time to visit the must see attraction of Bocachica: their Castillo San Fernando. The community representative Pedro invited us during last weeks workshop.

Although Pedro could unfortunately not join us at Bocachica the community received us very well and we hope to see their elected representatives in 2 weeks time during the marine workshop.

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