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Week #19

Second week of the year 2017 and things are getting back to normal although in Colombia everyone still seems to be in the festive mood. Majority of us have already returned from the Holidays which we spent in different places. Some spent their time in the Pacific side of Colombia, Bogota, Cali, Repelon or exploring the mountains, llanos, Nevado, walking through the desert of Tatacoa.


The Chorrera waterfall

Nevado del Ruiz

Cartagena is still full of tourists and visitors in these days as many still have holidays and also there are several big events such as international music festival or feria artesanal del Caribe. Over the weekend some of us went to the centre of Cartagena, particularly the harbour where the beauty Gloria has been docking for some time to add to the Christmas atmosphere and attract more visitors. Adriana´s friend works on Gloria so we had the opportunity to be brought on the board and get the tour around. The Gloria is the official flagship and sail-training ship of the Colombian Navy, and her home port is Cartagena. In fact, Cartagena was once one of the most important ports in the Spanish Empire, funneling gold, slave laborers, and precious jewels into and out of South America.

The Gloria

Aboard the Gloria

As the time is running fast and we are approaching the dates of the second workshop we are currently communicating with our project leaders from Manchester about the the program and the activities and correcting and improving the projects of the communities from both the marine and the freshwater environment.

We hope for the fruitful beginning of this year in the matter of the project of Pescando para la vida. Hopefully we will all see each other soon for the workshop. It will be great to reunite with everyone and share the ideas and experiences once again.

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