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Week #10

Tuesday, November 8th, in the apartment of the interns (Adriana Rodríguez, Olivia Plato, Yanelci Zuñiga, Jana Rajnohova, Alexandra Smuck, Luz Karime Muñoz) was made a meeting with Professor Gabriel Navas to define the budgets of the projects.

During this week the intern Laura Rodriguez was in Islas Del Rosario, taking fragments of Acropora cervicornis corals from the CEINER nursery, located in the Oceanarium on Isla San Martin. These fragments were placed with a special glue on ceramic plates and others were stuck with cement to finally place them on the floor and let them grow.

Wednesday November 9th, meeting with professor Luis Fernando Sanchez and Alexandra Shmuck, whom determined ideas for the carbon credits project.

In the week, some cultural activities were made in the city of Cartagena in order to celebrate the independence day party “November 11th party”, to commemorate 205 years of independence. Cartagena was the first city of the Republic of New Granada to declare itself free from Spain. Since 1812 _ is celebrated with a big party and people enjoy with music and costumes, which make allusion to the colony epoch.

Yarelis Marriaga, from San Cristobal, leader of the project of woman in the zone of freshwater, collected some information for the project, which aims to mitigate the malnutrition in the zone and to recover the family fabric.​

Life stories in the Villa Rosa town, Atlantico, where the inhabitants comment the difficult situation of the fisheries in the last years. It has been caused by the flood from 2010 and the recent droughts.

A beautiful dawn in the Embalse del Guajaro in Repelon Town, Atlantico

While I was in Repelon, I had the chance to go to a baseball match, flagship sport from the town and which have given many glories

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